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Membrane  filter cartridges and capsules



PTI Advanced Filtration, GE/ Osmonics, Purolator AFI

Pleated Filter Cartridges & Capsules


PTI Advanced Filtration, GE/ Osmonics, Chemflo,
3M, Purolator AFI

Filter Cartridges Stacked Disc / Lenticular  

Stacked Disc / Lenticular

Purolator AFI

Filter Cartridges Melt Blown

Melt Blown

GE / Osmonics, Purolator, AFI

Melt Blown    
Filter Cartridges String Wound

String Wound

Filter Factory, Purolator, AFI

String Wound    
Filter Cartridges Resin Bonded

Resin Bonded

GE / Osmonics, Parker, Cuno

Resin Bonded    
SiFilter Cartridges Sintered Metal Filters

Sintered Metal Filters

Purolator AFI, PTI Advanced Filtration

Sintered Metal Filters    

Pargreen Process Technologies :: 1224 Capitol Drive. Addison, IL. 60101 Phone : 800.323.2810, 630-628-1330 Fax: 630.628.3050
Authorized distributor for major manufacturers of filtration and separation equipment, including GE/Osmonics, Hayward,
Purolator AFI, Strainrite and 3M

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