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Process Filtration and Separation Technologies

For over 40 years, Pargreen has provided high quality, innovative filtration and separation solutions to satisfied customers throughout the Midwest. We have successfully helped out clients reduce their overall costs by cutting processing times, eliminating filtrations steps, trimming labor expenses and reducing filter costs.

From reverse osmosis to coarse straining, we have the custom designed solutions and products you need. Our experienced field consultants can provide in-plant surveys and tests, as well as assist you in optimizing your existing filtrations and separation processes to significantly reduce production costs.

As expert consultants in the filtration industry, we pride ourselves on working with a variety of major manufacturers, including GE/Osmonics, Purolator, Parker AFI, Eaton Filtration, Critical Process Filtration, Filter Technologies and Others. Our unparalleled access to different technologies allows us to provide the best Filtration and Separation Equipment to meet your needs.

Pargreen will examine your facility thoroughly and evaluate your current filtration and separation processes. We can help you identify and opportunities for improvement and provide the solutions you need for cost effective, efficient filtration and separation, by combining existing manufacturing technologies as well as engineering and designing custom products specifically for you application.

Let Pargreen’s experienced team of filtration and separation experts handle your process needs today.

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