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Water Deionization/Demineralization Systems

Water Deionization Systems

At Pargreen Process Technologies, we offer both new water deionization (DI) systems and service deionization systems (SDI) configured and scaled to your specific application requirements. We custom design systems to produce demineralized water with maximum resistivity in the 1 to 18 megohm range, depending your needs. Our expert team of industry professionals takes into consideration a number of factors, including volume requirements, acquisition cost, operating cost, waste management, and local discharge regulations to find the best option.

Deionized water is water that has had its mineral ions removed through a chemical process. Specialty ion exchange resins exchange hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals, which then recombine to form water. This high-purity water is an essential ingredient in countless industrial and manufacturing processes and is also used in many commercial applications.

We offer DI systems that range from portable exchange vessels to on-site 2-bed and mixed-bed configurations. Systems can be built with fiberglass or stainless steel vessels, numerous recirculation pumps, and storage options, and with integrated PLC or SCADA controls. Operational features include metered regeneration, conductivity-based regeneration, and regeneration waste neutralization. Our pure water specialists guide you through the process of determining the best options to fill your need.

For sites that use a combination of reverse osmosis and DI portable exchange to fill their need for high purity water, we can provide and integrated solution that is simple to operate and maintain. Contact us today, our technical support team will provide you with more details about our water deionization/demineralization systems.